Defend the Sultan! is a single-screen video game for the Game & Watch about a Royal Guard fighting off hostile birds in order to keep the protect the Sultan. Defend the Sultan! is a survival game where the Sultan will eventually die due to the huge amount of birds attacking him.

The player controls the Royal Guard whose task it is to fight off the birds intending to kill the Sultan. In GAME A all birds are hostile, while in GAME B there are birds who will bring the Sultan gifts. If the console is turned on the player will see an animation of the Royal Guard walking around. As time progresses the birds will appear faster and move more rapidly towards the Sultan, which forces the player to move and attack faster.

Learning Experience
The constraints of the Game & Watch handheld and its LCD screen forced me to approach the creative process in a different way to create a technically feasible, fun and original game.


“Defend the Sultan!” by Mounim El Meziani


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  • Publish Date: April 2014
  • Status: Finished