“Defend the Sultan! is a thrilling single-screen survival game for the Game & Watch that puts players in the role of a Royal Guard tasked with protecting the Sultan from an endless horde of hostile birds. As the Royal Guard, players must use their reflexes and strategic thinking to fend off the attacking birds and keep the Sultan safe for as long as possible until the Sultan eventually dies due to the increasing amount of birds attacking him.

“In Defend the Sultan!, players take on the role of a Royal Guard tasked with defending the Sultan from an onslaught of birds. As the player controls the Royal Guard, they must strategically fend off the attacking birds and protect the Sultan. In GAME A, all birds are hostile, while in GAME B, some birds may bring gifts to the Sultan. The game features an animation of the Royal Guard walking around on the screen, and as time progresses, the birds become faster and more agile, requiring the player to move and attack with increased speed and precision. Defend the Sultan! is a challenging and exciting game that tests players’ reflexes and strategic thinking.”

Learning Experience
While designing Defend the Sultan! for the Game & Watch handheld, I had to think creatively and find innovative solutions to the constraints of the LCD screen. Through this process, I was able to develop a technically feasible and highly enjoyable game that stands out with its originality. Working within these constraints allowed me to hone my skills as a game designer and create a unique and memorable gaming experience.


“Defend the Sultan!” by Mounim El Meziani


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  • Publish Date: April 2014
  • Status: Finished