Project Amelio is a Collaborative Virtual/Mixed Reality Training Experience designed for the DAF Technology Lab located on the campus of Tilburg University. This experience room is designed to hold up to 12 participants within its 5m*5m virtual reality room.

Project Amelio is a virtual escape room made to train Leadership skills in a virtual environment by making the participants work together to try and solve problems derived from management analogies. It was created using Unity3D in conjunction with WorldViz hardware.

s a programmer on this team for half a year, I was primarily responsible for gameplay programming. However, due to my background in art and design, I was also able to contribute to tasks such as improving the training based on player feedback and playtesting. This experience allowed me to expand my skills in programming, art and design, and helped me to become a more well-rounded and effective game designer.

Learning Experience
To enhance my skills as a game designer, I took on the role of a programmer on this team and focused on learning C# in game development.


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  • Date: July 2016 - September 2016
  • Status: Finished, shipped
  • Engine: Unity3D/WorldViz